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Jul - 31 - 2013

We are very happy to provide you with thousands of professionally developed courses, covering nearly every kind of technical software skill. The VTC website is continually evolving to bring you the newest information with the ease of access we’ve come to expect in the age of tech. In this blog post we are pleased to introduce a few changes you may notice around the VTC website and mobile products.

QuickStart VTC Help Movies

We are happy to announce our new help service: the QuickStart! VTC Help-Movies course. This set of 40 videos will answer the most common questions we receive regarding the use of VTC products and the VTC website. In the VTC Help Movies course we walk you through login, basic use of your VTC products and some tricks to help you get the most out of your VTC subscription and other products. This QuickStart course is available to all VTC users and can be accessed anytime through the ‘Help’ button on the main menu.

If you have a question about a VTC product that is not answered by the VTC Help Course, please use our live, online support, send us an email describing your issue or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or Support pages for other inquiries.

You can find the VTC Help movies here: QuickStart! VTC Help Movies

Related Content

Another addition to the website is the ‘Related Content’ tab on the page of many courses. This tab, located next to the work files tab, will provide customers with additional reading about the course or courses on similar topics and products. For example, if you are looking at the Microsoft Word 2013 course and tab to the “Related Content” tab, you may see a blog post on Word 2013, other Microsoft Office programs, like Access, Word 2010 or a non-Microsoft produced writing program. Many of our blog posts are written by our course authors, either on the topic of their course, expounding upon the course material, or on a related topic. We feel that this brings the user added value, extra knowledge and insight into course topics. These blog posts may also give you a better idea of whether you wish to purchase a course and what can be done with the program being discussed. We welcome any suggested blog topics, feel free to post comments to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and let us know if there is a specific topic or course YOU are interested in learning more about. Author written blog posts will be available about twice a month. We hope you enjoy them!

Below is an example of an author written blog about Prince2 under its “Related Content” tab in the Prince2 course page. This same blog can be found in the PimBOK page as well:

VTC Mobile Apps

We are also making some changes to our mobile applications that allow you to take your VTC courses with you on your smart devices. We hope to soon have a newly designed and easier to access VTC Player App. These changes are currently in development, so please stay tuned for more announcements about our mobile app. This app will be available via the Apple App Store and the VTC website.

We would love your feedback! Please let us know what you think of these new VTC.com features on our Facebook page or Twitter @vtc.