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How To Make A Simple Christmas Card With Adobe Illustrator
Sep - 27 - 2012

Christmas season is fast approaching. It’s almost high time in giving to and receiving gifts from someone. We throw or we celebrate festivities with our family and our friends.  Regardless of various customs around the world, people value how important the Christmas season is. Sending a greeting card has become a custom during holidays. In this blog post, we feature Kasia Przybyt authoring the steps in making a simple Christmas card by using Adobe Illustrator. Creating a greeting card will not require expert skills, though.

  1. Using the Pen Tool (N), draw a triangle and slant it a little bit. After drawing the triangle, select it using the Selection Tool (V). Copy and paste (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) the triangles. Now you have three triangles, stack them in a way it would resemble a Christmas tree. Skew the lower triangles a bit. After doing so, you should have a Christmas tree figure already – like the one below.
  2. The program still recognizes the Christmas tree figure above as three triangles. So what we are going to do is to select all three shapes and unite them. Select all three triangles using the Selection tool. Use the Pathfinder menu (Window > Pathfinder) to do so. After uniting the triangles, you have created a tree object.
  1. You now have a basic tree shape. Copy-paste the tree two times and place the pasted one above the other. While adjusting the pasted tree, keep in mind that the naked eye should see the edges of the three trees. After doing so, adjust the opacity and color (Window > Transparency/Color) to make them more visible. This puts an added detail to how a Christmas tree would look.  This also creates transparency between the same objects.
  2. The first three steps mentioned will be applicable for other drawings as well. In drawing the trunk and the snow, just base on the instructions stated above. The trunk would be the supporting object between the tree and the snow. To create snow effects, draw a cloudy shape by using Paintbrush Tool (B). Leave a small gap for connecting purposes. To connect the created gap, use the Pen Tool (N). To understand how to do this, follow the picture below.
  1. Next is putting the star above the tree. Use the pre-designed one by Adobe.
  1. Next up are candles. Just draw a skewed rectangle, a string of wick, and the flame. Just spot the details carefully. In drawing the flame, remember to create different sizes to make it look more realistic. After drawing the candle, unite it. Select Group from the menu and paste as many candles as you want.                                                          
  1. Do you want more decorations? Try adding small ribbons as well. To do so, draw a ribbon using Paintbrush Tool (B). After selecting the ribbon, use the (Object > Expand) function. Look on the left image for reference. Like with the candle, do the same with ribbons. It is your call on how you will place the ribbons, but look at the image below 
  2. Try adding gift boxes below the tree. Draw a box by using Pen Tool, and then draw a simple bow with holes above the gift box. Use the Minus Front option via Pathfinder and draw the ribbons. Select and merge the drawn ribbons using the Unite option via Pathfinder. You can do various forms of a gift box as well. Just follow the image below.
  3. Now you have finished the tree, it’s time to create the background. Create a new layer and place it under the tree layer. Click on the eye icon of Layer 2 to work on a new layer.
  4. Draw a big rectangle while covering the whole drawing area.


  1. Select the rectangle. Go to View > Appearance menu to Add New Fill. Select from the different Swatches. To gain access to Swatches, please see the red circle. The author used the Chinese Tiles template. The author used the Overlay function and selected maximum opacity.

  1. Now you have a greeting card. Turn the tree layer visible again (based from step 9). Just type whatever you want, like “Merry Christmas”. Use the File > Export function to save the file according to the right format. Your final product should look like this.

You have the option to enhance the looks of a created greeting card via Photoshop. After doing so, you can print out as many as you can, you can share your ideas, or you can send that e-card via e-mail. It’s time to greet your friends with it.